Hi ,
i've shifted again.
Thks :)


Relink me @


Enjoying drinking green tea now [;
Din go tuition today :D
So does Jingyi & Chengee .
Not sure if angeline & si min is going .
And nobody talks to me accept jingxuan ;c
When i mean talk i want someone
who will online till i sleep and talk to me non-stop :c
Jingyi go maple dont care me alrdy :c
Aiai you never online de !
And we at school say everything out in msn nth to say alrdy!:c
I want play MAPLE.
I want play SIMS2 .
Someone talk to me please T-T


Thr's many things i did today !:D
-I carry that big vase from storeroom
and bring out to living room to play :D
Cause inside the vase thr's many small pebbles.
I wanted to build a sandcastle.
But cannot :c
So i anyhow play ._.
-I use daddy's fruit squeezer to squeeze orange juice for myself :D
Haha :D
Yummy ;D
Although a lil sour, but glad that it
managed to occupied me :D
&I made myself a unstable humpty dumpy :c
Dad say he want make
half-boiled egg for us as breakfast tomorrow .
Its been longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
since he cook us eggies :D
raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah >:C
Whatever :C
here wishing all mothers ;
Thinking of skins.
Had a bad dream .
Me and aiai went to 3M1 next year :X
The worst class which so called useless by most of the people.
Haha .
Hope it really wont have this situation :S
Made a Humpy dumpy .
I dont knw if its spelled this way :/
Too fat and heavy D:
So it cant work .
raaaah >:c
I cant download maple,
it keep dissapearing halfway ,
and its not the first time .
No more other nice games ,
i hate audition recently >:c
Qinaide's sims2 is with lynette .
Wed then she returning.
I'm B O R E D !
Can anyone entertain me ? :c
Eepheng(: opened her blog :D
And its the skin she requested from me .
Im so haolian :X
ALRIGHT, i really love that skin :D
Haha,happy that she uses it (:
Geeees [x
I want to play sims / maple ! :c


Today was boring T-T
Mum scolded me ,
cause she said im very noisy .
Submitted a new skin in blogskin :D
gaah =D
Its for eepheng :D
Hope she like it .
Btw,i like it too :/
Going to work on simin's skin (:
Not so fast .
Cause ,
i need to rest !:D
Babe will understand :D
Haha. Right ?
Still thinking about that pink musical box drawer *-*


Wth , my post is schduled' and it will only appear the next day ! >:c
Should i change a new blog , xanga/livejournal ?
Hais ;c
Went to amk with girls ,
went separate halfway .
chengee with lynette,
huiboon with jingxuan,
and im with jingyi :D
We shopped and shopped,
was like,
oh my god , all the things which are pink
we all love it !
Qinaide is mad with a cat notebook , $7.90 .
Haha,we pointed many things we wanted.
Uncountable !._.
I wanted most is a musical box , with 2 small drawer !
Its combined together .
And its pinkkkkk <3
$14.90 .
When you open the top cover ,
there will be a mirror ,
and a ballerina turning with music ,
and beside it thr are many small boxes
for you to put earrings/rings/small lil things.
Below it thrs 2 small drawer.
Ofcourse,we saw a black and pink fake
furniture, pretty !
We don't know the sofa and makeup set
for who to sit .
Maybe handphone ?
Barbie doll ?
Lols .
Saw many other pretty things .
Qinaide is mad about the notebook ;D
Meet with jingxuan & huiboon afterwards,
shop and find lynette & chengee .
We all wanted to play the UNCLE RINGO FUNFAIR GAME.
But its .
Expensive , & waste money .
Uhhh >:c
I wish im a billionaire's daughter .
Saw lynette and chengee,
2 retard girl ,
throwing small balls near those plants.
Those balls which look like koko-crunch .
Haha,saw many things we like lah!
Ohmygod,i really wish im a billionaire's daughter !
So that i can spend all those money on
all those things i want .
Hais :c
Anw,i saw my musical note neckkie ,
its prettaye & only $8 !
Din mange to get it ,
no money lah T-T
Only bought a packet of earings .
And guess what .
Its too big for me -.-
Went home with jingxuan , huiboon and jingyi .
All said that JingYi have a ming xin lian .
Haha .
Star look (:
And we're like ,
Huiboon : ' WAH,next time dont forget OngHuiBoon,your friend okie ? Must treat ask eat . '
Jingxuan : ' I dowan be star , lets be normal resident '
{cause i said i dont wna also :D }
And shes so embarrased.
Haha .
Keep walking at mrt :/
Bcos a ulgy and pervertic uncle keep looking at
the sexy huiboon :X
Just joking :D
Went home , called Jingyi up and chatted quite long .
Scare she will think im like - .
So keep give her evidence that im good to her ,
not like - .
Don't ask me is who :D
I'll not tell you unless i want to (:
Aiai,rest assured,
i will tell you one -.-
Haha .
Thats all (:


Quiz from friendster :D

1. Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?
}When i was in malaysia when im young :/

2. What's something you MUST do before you die?
}Say my last words (:

3. Are you single?
}Wont be attached , so yeap,im single (:

4. What's one thing you will not eat?
}Garliccc :S Not forgetting shit :S

6. When is the last time you went out of state?
}Around March .

7. Who was your last received call?

8. Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton?
}Nope [:

9. Can you roll your tongue?
}I can force myself to :D

10. Can you hula hoop?

11. Have you ever crawled through a window?
}Y e p ._.

12. Was today better than yesterday?
}Ofcourse ! (:

13. Do you talk to yourself?
} Always T-T

14. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
} - No answer -

15. Ever went tanning?
} Nope :D

16. Earrings or necklaces?
} Necklaces ! :D

17. Do you party?
} If i'd got the chance !

18. Are you mad at anybody?
} What do you mean by mad o.o

19. Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot?
} Haha. Im always using :D

20. What are you doing tonight?
} Sleeping & tune in Yes933 ;D

21. What time is it?
}6.42 PM

22. Are you loud?
} Sometimes .

23. What are you looking forward to?
} Tmr !:D

24. Do you watch Family Guy
} Is that a teevee show ?

25. Have you ever watched a little kids show?
} gaaah. i do :X

26. What's your zodiac sign?
} Dog :D

27. Are you wearing socks?
} Nope .

28. What's your favorite smell?
} perfumes :D

29. Have you ever been on a rollercoaster?
} Nope :c

30. Do you care what others think about you?
} you think i care ? -.-

31 is missing o.o

32. What do you do all the time in a car?
} Listen to Yes933 :D

33. Do you trust people easily?
} Never ever >:c

34. Do you follow college football?
} Football? Yucks :S

35. Favorite football team?
} Dont have one . I hate watching football.

36. Do you watch the Olympics?
} Once per 4/5years , if im really bored :/

37. Do you have a favorite number?
} Yes . Number 6 ! :D

39. Do you believe in karma?
} Maybe :D

40. How was the weather today?
} Rainy and cooling *-*

Oleh oleh oleh :D
Exams over !:D
Blog opened (:
Math today was abit difficult :c
Rain rain rain .
Aiai was sick with fever ):
Takecare girl , rest well yah! :D
Look forward on you shouting around again ! :P
Dad agrees to let me go out with girlfriends tmr .
Unfortunely aiai cant join ,
shes sick and maybe her mum is bringing her out .
Hais !
Nvm .
Tmr listening paper ,
chay! :/
Finally sort of my javascript error & scrolling code :D
Eepheng & simin ; I will make your blogskin soon ! (:
Will tell you all when im done :D


Having the last paper tmr ! :D
Math paper 1 excluding cl lis on thurs [:
Literature today was alright (:
Not very difficult :D
Hope i'll do well in all the papers and for tmr (:


Today history was D I F F I C U L T .
Or its that i din study well ?
I decided not to take history .
I decided to take geography,
although the fact that i dno a single thing about geo :/
Nvm,i'll try my best to understand geo :D
And i'd decided on taking HomeEcons !:D
Wheee :D
Look like my eye problems is back.
I fell down three time ytd at house bcos i cannot
see anything for a short moment T-T
Uuuuuh !>:c
Terrible !
My eyes hurts -.-
Maybe its because i din get to eat much again .
Nvm . I'll be alright [:
Haha :D
2 more papers to go .
Omgomgomg! ._.
Tmr is Lit , and after Lit will be math -.-
CL listening is excluded because i'd
nothing to study about that .
Wanted to stay back with qinaide & aiai on WED :D
After math .
Haha xD
Was playing with beads at home ytd =/
The game is actually secret code .
You have all sorts of colours of beads,
and there are four holes ._.
You or another player need to
grab 4 colours of beads ,
and place it on the 4 holes
not letting your opponent see the colour and positions :D
Thrs a cover for you to cover it :)
After that your opponent need to guess what colour and
which position those beads are at .
Played with sister ,
and i got almost all correct .
I can guess everything shes going to do .
When i say it i mean it (:
Nvm , i knew you wont believe -.-
After that saw sis playing
with the beads in other ways .
Making words .
Haha .
So i did that too ,
with my english name :x
Made for aiai & qinaide also .
Haha :"D
Not sure when gna start revising lit .
Headacheeeeeeeeee !


Woke up early today T-T
Ard 8am and you can see me yawning
and walking ard the house .
Haha :D
Going to revise history later .
Bet its gna be as long as science .
Its also about memorising and understanding .
Woke up , and smsed Qinaide :D
Then smsed Aiai & Qinaide about my decision .
{After seeing a ahmoh show from channel5}
I wna take home econs ! [:
Hais,aiai and qinaide both want art -.-
I want to learn cooking then next time
nobody at home i can cook for myself and friends/family :D
Went to storeroom to search the food recipe book .
But its gone -.-
Sis say throw away alrdy .
Nvm :D
Im sweating now T-T
I dont knw whyyye .
Im still very excited about my new english name :D


Wanted to buy many things :D
Im greeeedy :D
Got in mind what to buy for QinAiDe's bday [;
Wonder if she'll love it ._.
My fringe is starting to grow long agn .
I can see it from my eyes T-T
Haha .
3 more papers excluding CL listening then i can jump up high :D
Adopted a new english name with qinaide x3
Shes J********* (:
& im D*** :D
Whatever you guessed,i will only revealed it when i feel like to :P
You know , sometimes i really thinks of my future .
This sight just seems to be appearing in my mind .
High-life .
Yea,high-life is what i always thought .
I knew what i wanted to buy ,
almost everything i alrdy planned and organised .
What a good daydreaming yea ?
Only started this habit since this year :/
Im enjoying doing that .
Who cares (:
Im back [:
Was reading science very hard since ytd ,
since 12pm - ard 7pm T-T
I can never finish reading science lah!
Thr are so many things to read and memorise .
Whats wrong with my brain,
i only manage to memorise a lil of a bunch :c
Science test today ,
was quite okie for me .
But everytime i said that it turned out to be
very bad , no , its terrible :/
History remedial ,
aiai dont want to join !
She scare shes extra .
So , she waited outside and hang ard {i suppose} ,
feeling super bored . Right ? :D
At history class talk alot with qinaide .
Saw a super nice notebook of hers .
Lightpink checkered with a pink heart in the middle .
Its super nice !
Opened,and saw the writings of things she want .
Wow,its many , like mine :x
Request if i can write on the book :D
She say okie .
So i wrote , those which i wanted most currently (:
The most wanted is digital camera .
Samsung i8 / Sony DSC T70 or other nice one .
Need to save lots of money .
And i think i need to score super good for endofyear,
so that my dad agrees to have me that .
Using my own money lah .
And i can only save until endofyear,
i cant get $600 in 1 day right .
Rob bank ain't suitable for me :D
I shall have a new wishlist when i opened my blog :D
Which is now you see .
Want to buy a tamagothic with qinaide .
Aiai dowan :c
Nvm ;c
Want to buy and bring it to school to play
after midyear :D
Monday ; history ,
MsLee told us briefly the format ,
and omg lah!
Its so damn difficult .
2essay , compare and contrast , sbq , all in 1h30min .
Hope that i have the time to finish the paper (:
Lit , honestly i nvr read the novel :x
Just read the summary , first and last chapter :x
Haha , plus some notes from tchr :D
im off to daydream of my future agn .
Living a high-life next time [:


Went to school and saw a puppy
sitting and walking behind a lorry .
Lols .
Dad say got owner one ,

cause got ppl put water for it to drink .
Ran very fast with qinaide to look for the
puppy after school but its gone :c
Nvm,as long as the owner take good care of it .
Haha :D
Math was so .
All i can do now is to work harder for the next 4 paper.
4 more paper and i'm free !
Hope my brain is blanked,
so that i can absorb all the knowledge :x
Jingyi found a 50cents coin and gave me .
Cause she claimed that its too heavy .
Thanks then ;D
I want to shop T-T
I want to buy manymanymany things ! :c
Tmr holiday , after tmr is science exam .
Happy holiday tomorrow ! xD